Data Privacy Is A Joke.  Know The Value Of Your Data.

Data is one of the most powerful resources today. It can reveal all the information about your existence. And all that information can be traded for a menial amount of money, which generates huge profits for companies.

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There are departments set up in companies to analyze your online behaviour. Your most minor actions are being watched -which even includes pausing at a particular section of a webpage.

You will be shocked to know how Facebook and Google have created a duopoly and, by doing so, have acclaimed their thrones and created barriers to eliminate their competitors. To learn more :

Imagine identity trackers and super cookies just hiding along for the ride without your knowledge and capturing everything you do. 

The algorithms today have the power to determine if specific pictures are in violation of the privacy policies of the applications.  It's very easy to install spyware into your personal gadgets.

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