Are Rewards Getting  You  Loyal Customers?

Businesses have been jumping on the “rewards” bandwagon to develop and enhance their customer base. Well, earning and collecting those coins to get 150 off out of the 700 bucks you spend does sound nice, doesn’t it?

Companies end up structuring short-term rewards and deals thus reducing the potential of those rewards to a very small fraction of it. These small-term rewards encourage a few new customers to try your product.

It is difficult for the brands to follow up with each person and their interests. And large-scale organizations invest in marketing research targeting their valuable customers to compensate for the lack of personalization.

Implementing reward programs without analyzing what they get you in exchange for what they give is basically digging one’s own grave. Assessing the profits of both the parties on the ends of this exchange is very important, else, your bills are gonna pile up.

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