The  metaverse  of possibilities

The Metaverse is going to be an immersive virtual world where you (or your 3D representation) can do anything-from working to hanging out with your friends or going to a concert.

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Metaverse is going to provide a new horizon of opportunities for brands, advertisers and content creators. They’ll get a whole new universe to explore.

For instance, they shoot a thrilling car chase scene and people don’t just passively watch it, but feel like they’re actually in the cars which are part of the scene. How thrilling!

Brands like Warner Brothers, Hyundai and Gucci have built virtual worlds. Companies like Coca-Cola are selling NFTs — non-fungible tokens bought and sold on blockchain technology.

The virtual dream is coming true. Metaverse will allow you to change from scrolling to strolling the internet.

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