Recur Club:  Rewriting the equity-capital equation

A lot of young companies have been struggling to raise capital on suitable terms despite of business models that comprise of  steady revenue streams.

Founded in June this year by entrepreneurial duo Abhinav Sherwal and Eklavya Gupta Delhi-based Recur Club is a subscription based financing platform.

It enables companies with recurring revenues to raise cash in a much faster manner without diluting their equity.

Recur club creates a financial product of a company by getting access to the data of revenue streams and other relevant information.

A tradeable product is then given to financial institutions that provide the capital by purchasing this asset.

The underwriting of the product is done by AI and ML models. 

Recur Club has a team strength of around 20 people and has already raised $2 million in the pre-seed round of funding.

It earns revenue through the commission charged for its services.

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