The wordle craze!

Wordle is now a huge internet phenomenon, thanks to its global appeal! But what is the secret behind the sensation this game has become?

You must have come across people posting pictures of yellow, green and grey grid boxes on social media. That is wordle. 

Wordle is a daily online game in which you are supposed to guess a five letter word (of the day) in six attempts.

The rules:

The rules of wordle are pretty simple: 1. Green: right letter in the correct place  2. Yellow: right letter in the wrong place 3. Grey: letter which is not part of the word in any place.

According to reports, around 300, 000 people play wordle everyday. It can be played online using browsers via a page only.

With the release of the "share" option in 2021, there was a massive spike in the popularity of the game.

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