here's why you get spammed on A daily basis 

We’ve all been a target of spamming and junk mails and there seems to be no way out of it. And sometimes, these are not just spam mails that you receive, but malicious attempts to get your details.

In maximum number of cases, we give our email addresses to someone for a further follow up and that person might sell or reveal our information to a third party.

The more legitimate companies give you an option to unsubscribe from their marketing emails, while others will have you entangled making it impossible for you to stop receiving spam.

Pop-up scam spam adds to this list. While one would really like to be rewarded by a free trip to Dubai for free (by signing up) just for being the “two-millionth” user to visit a website, that is usually not the case. You voluntarily reveal your information in such situations. 

Hacked databases of organizations lead to privacy exploitation. Your details get leaked and are used by different people and companies to ultimately use your data in any way.

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