Unicorn startups

-the growing billion dollar club

In the venture capital industry, the term unicorn refers to any startup that reaches the valuation of $1 billion.

The term was first coined by “Aileen Lee”, founder of Cowboy ventures when she referred to 39 startups with over $1 billion evaluation as “Unicorns”.

“Unicorn” emphasized on the rarity of such startups. But since then, the number has gone up.

These startups are known for their disruptive innovation, creating “the firsts” and their run on tech.

Most Unicorns are B2C (consumer-focused) and are privately owned. This gets their evaluation bigger when an established company invests in it.

Only a startup can be a Unicorn. The startups that exceed the valuation of $10 billion are grouped under the term called decacorn (a super unicorn)-SpaceX, WeWork.

Some Indian Unicorns include:







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