Why India is still a fantastic investment opportunity for foreign investors

On some large accounts, good progress has been made in terms of recovery, and after a pause during COVID-19, these proceedings have resumed.

Additionally, the government has completed the consolidation of large public sector banks (PSBs) and expects privatizations to follow shortly.

Using a classical macro-economic model, the current government is geared towards opening bank accounts for nearly everyone to facilitate direct transfers.

PSBs have also been played an important role in increasing the flow of credit to marginalised sections of society with the assistance of small finance banks and micro finance banks.

Despite the pandemic, foreign direct investment increased by a quarter to $64 billion in 2020, propelling India into the top five destinations for foreign direct investment globally.

Direct investment for the first four months of the fiscal year 2021-22 increased by 62% year-over-year to $27 billion.

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