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So, how many people in your inbox are offering you a loan out there?

What about those hundreds of deals and offers that spam you every day? Or at times, receiving illegal and explicit junk? Well, we’ve all been a target of spamming and junk mails and there seems to be no way out of it. And sometimes, these are not just spam mails that you receive, but malicious attempts to get your details. The question that arises now is “why do we receive so much spam daily”?

Well, every person who uses email gets a couple of unwanted emails now and then. These are generally unavoidable. It’s a cross we all have to bear. But what do we as email users do to receive so much spam?

We give out our email addresses. Yes. In a maximum number of cases, we give our email addresses to someone for a further follow up and that person might sell or reveal our information to a third party.

We all are aware of the fact that nothing in this world comes without any strings attached. Nothing is free. No, not even when you sign up for that “free sample”. These companies sell your information for advertising and make money. The more legitimate companies give you an option to unsubscribe from their marketing emails, while others will have you entangled making it impossible for you to stop receiving spam. The same goes for the software that claims to be “free” to download. Developers investing their time and money in creating these software programs are in the business for some sort of incentive. And if you’re too lucky, you might get some free programs from some reputable organizations, but there’s a hairline gap between the truly legitimate and the ones which will bombard you with spam, day in and day out.

Pop-up scam spam adds to this list. While one would really like to be rewarded by a free trip to Dubai for free (by signing up) just for being the “two-millionth” user to visit a website or receive an iPhone 12 after taking a survey where you basically put in all your information, this is not the case. You willingly revealed all your information which now will send you straight to a list of hundreds or thousands of spammers. So much for the prize, huh?

Not-so-reputed organizations cannot be trusted with your data. They tend to sell their email lists and thus your privacy is exploited. And this doesn’t end with another company getting your data. It slowly becomes a chain of spammers, with your information being tossed like a shuttle. Your privacy becomes a huge joke. And the worst part of it all is that it’s difficult for you to have control over this.

Similarly, phishing attempts to sneakily gather your information is another way to be prone to spam mail and a huge risk to your privacy. Constructing an email to make the user click the link is an attempt to deceive and acquire data and sadly, is easy to fall prey to.

Hacked databases of organizations lead to privacy exploitation. Your details get leaked and are used by different people and companies to ultimately use your data in any way, one of which includes spamming you and selling your data to make money as we discussed above.

Now that you know what the demons to revealing your email and information are, and you’re aware of the risks and the consequences, be mindful of where and how you reveal your information. Save your inbox from the spam!